2017-04-28 05:36 pm
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Friends only!

Made by: felizia_felicis

People who are racist, sexist, against basic human rights for GLBT, or cannot respect other people's differing opinions need not apply.
You also must be 21+, have basic grammar skils (no ebonics or tYpInG LiKe ThIs), and have actual content in your entries. (Occasional memes are fine but I don't want it to consume my friends list.)
Please do not add me if you plan on causing drama or are a lurker. If we don't communicate and comment sometimes how can we get to know one another?

This is my journal and I will not censor myself. Expect a wide variety of topics and emotional ranges that surpasses a teaspoon. Also expect some obscene language, crude humour and sarcasm. If you are uncomfortable with those things then this isn't the journal you are looking for.

Everything in this journal STAYS in this journal

I am very open to new people of many different backgrounds, opinions and such.
Comment to be added.

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(If you don't comment/message me about adding me I will not add you back. No exceptions.)